Monday, August 9, 2010


This is a small list of the many ways that God has brought healing into my life in this past year. WOW! How amazing is our God, that He is capable so much more that we know or see!

1. Delivered me from the belief that I am my provider.
2. Replaced a spirit of abandonment with security.
3. Healed me of chronic debilitating migraines! Oh yeah!!
4. Removed a spirit of fear...fear that tangled through me in ways I didn't even know...and replaced it with truth of my identity and the authority through Him.
5. Showed me the loving heart of a Father. How a Father loves, provides, disciplines, and embraces His child!
6. Delivered me from un-forgiveness. The Lord has given me the grace and mercy to forgive people who have hurt me and offended me - without even needing them to ask for my forgiveness. This was HUGE! I didn't really know how long the list was of people that I held offense again, until I was able to start forgiving some of the "big" ones.
7. Along with forgiveness, God has freed me to be able to pray for the blessing of His love and hope for my (physical) father. This was honestly the biggest thing that I think has ever happened to me! I haven't been able to pray for this for my father, primarily because I hadn't been able to set him free from the places he had wounded me.
8. God is teaching me how to cry! That may sound dumb to some, but I have never been very good at crying things out. Sometimes you just need to cry. There is something cleansing for the spirit in it. But I haven't been able to. My tendency has been to stop myself as soon as I start to cry. Then eventually there is so much built up that I just spend a good 10 minutes weeping and then crash once or twice a year. Even that 10 minute sob is very hard for me to get out!
9. I've been given a greater humility to acknowledge and ask for forgiveness for ways that I have injured others! This is pretty big, means not only admitting I was wrong, but also declaring that my words or actions hurt someone else.
10. The Lord has brought greater freedom from RA pain and debilitation. I can snap again! And I can clap! I love to just snap and clap away while I am worshiping, because I feel like it is a way of declaring the goodness of God!

Now I call that an awesome testimony! Thank you God, for the blessing of your love! Thank you for teaching me...showing me a greater measure of the love you have for me! Thank you for making me new each day! You amaze me!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


I've been wanting to change my bio for my blog, but I just haven't done it! I even wrote something out, but then the computer got shut down before it got saved. I've really been thinking about what my blog says about me lately. Does it portray the image and stories I want to out-live me? The thing that really got me thinking about this was that I feel like I have changed a lot since I last updated my blog bio. It's still me, and the stories along the way are me. But is the introduction still who I am? I don't think so. I think there is a little more substance...a little more experience in life. And even with that, I still feel like I just began the journey of discovering who I am and what God created me for!

I don't have an updated version to post for now, but I think I'm going to be thinking about it a little harder. Maybe one day soon I'll actually get around to doing it!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


So the week is progressing! I got this wild rush of energy last night and moved all of the boxes that were stacked in the middle of the room to the perimeter. I can now see the floor! How exciting!!! As I was moving the boxes out of the way, I decided that I have WAY too many boxes of books and art supplies! Out of about 50 boxes, I think that only about 10 of them are something else! The problem here is that I am not in a "going through books and art supplies" kind of mood. Plus every time I get rid of art supplies I end up regretting it. Oh, and the books aren't going anywhere either! So, for now I will just have a room outlined by boxes! But it just feels so amazing to have a restful place to just stop and think! And to have the time, too! I am so grateful!