Saturday, October 4, 2014

Because I'm a Teacher...

So technically I am a Children's Minister, but here's a fun little list I put together that will resonate with many.  

Because I'm a Teacher...

*I own just about every color of marker that Crayola has ever made. 

*I have a bag that hangs next to my front door that I collect toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, and egg cartons in.

*I color...a lot!  

*I can't decide if Pinterest is my best friend or my greatest enemy.

*I can tell you the "tax exemption" process for most stores in the Austin area.

*I spend my workday, evenings, weekends, and even my dream-time thinking about new and creative ways to teach information to children that is fun, cost-effective, and most important memorable!

*At the drop of a hat, I can tell you at least 25 ways that you can use paper plates to make a craft.

*I have perfected "The Look"

*I have accidentally used "The Look" on friends, family, and co-workers.

*In any given week it is pretty much a guarantee that I will get glue on my pants, paint in my hair, and snot on my shoulder.

*I am strong!  Teaching is not for the faint of heart!

*I carry at least three different bags with me at all times...often more!

*I have the privilege of praying for more than 150 children, 25 caregivers, and 50 plus families.

*I laugh a LOT!  The cliche, "Kids say the darnedest things", is very true!  (I once had a child tell me that she liked my hair because it reminded her of a zebra -- it was black and white stripes all over).

*I have brown (not black) and silver (not white and not grey) hairs peeking through - many of these are probably due to my profession.

*I have a collection of art, cards, and little trinkets given to me by children.

*I have learned how to alter lesson plans and activities because I couldn't get to Michael's to buy red cellophane, cardboard circles, foam board, etc. before they closed.

*I hoard Sharpies, Paper/Binder Clips, and Scissors...don't mess with these items! (Insert "The Look" here).

*I intentionally consume Vitamin C in inordinate quantities because there just isn't time to get sick.

*I always have a Google window open on my computer that has at least 10 different ideas for crafts, games, stories, etc.  I live with a small amount of fear of my computer will close down and the hours spend brainstorming will be lost.

*I have gotten very comfortable being on the floor.  I can even do this in a skirt - although I prefer jeans!

*I have been thrown up on more than once.

*I will never tire of seeing little hands get bigger.

*I feel overwhelmingly blessed to have been called into this service!  I love what I do!

What is your list?  I know there are at least 100 different things that I could have listed, but these are what came to mind first.